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Quality Retaining Walls For Homeowners

If you’re a homeowner battling erosion, a finely crafted retaining wall could be the answer to your problems.

Erosion doesn’t have to spell the end of your lawn. Jackson's Nursery Inc’s retaining walls have helped many other residents add a little extra to their outdoor area, whether the decision is motivated by a need to preserve their lawn’s structural integrity or just add a bit of flare.

When properly constructed, a well-made retaining wall is a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing addition to many yards and gardens. Whether you’re looking to preserve the integrity of your landscape or simply add a decorative feature, Jackson's Nursery Inc has what you’re searching for.

Why Get a Retaining Wall?

There are a few different reasons why homeowners may choose to get a retaining wall. Erosion is often a major deciding factor, because a wall can stop soil movement in its path. If you live on a particularly steep plot of land, or have been noticing soil creep recently, a retaining wall could be a good decision.

The other primary reason is purely decorative; there are a few different materials we usually use to build the wall, giving you plenty of opportunities to customize your new wall, creating something that is as beautiful as it is useful.

Which Wall is Right For You?

Jackson’s Nursery installs several types of retaining walls:

Wood is the most affordable option, so if you’re on a budget this is likely the best material for you. It is important to keep in mind that while its initial price tag is likely lower than for other materials, the lifespan is also significantly shorter, so you should factor in maintenance and replacement costs when deciding whether or not going with wood is the right decision.

Segmented retaining walls are a great option offered by Jackson's Nursery Inc. This type of wall uses blocks that are designed to fit together like puzzle pieces. Segmented retaining walls provide durable solutions! We provide a superior foundation and appropriate drainage; engineering grid or other components may be installed Our retaining walls are built to last!!

Jackson’s Nursery also specializes in limestone or granite boulder retaining walls. This is a unique and beautiful approach, and is an alternative for customers who prefer something different than segmented block walls.

For Quality Retaining Walls, Contact Jackson's Nursery Inc Today

Prices vary depending on the site, which is why Jackson's Nursery Inc always performs a consultation before getting started. We will thoroughly inspect the area and, based on factors like soil type, the wall’s projected dimensions, and the angle of the lawn, give the customer a fair bid price.

If you’re not sure if a retaining wall is right for you, feel free to give us a call and we can assess the situation, allowing you to make an informed decision