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Frequent heavy rains and flash flooding events have created nightmares for many homeowners in Indiana. Properties have experienced erosion and drainage issues in recent years that would never have been imagined.

Trusted Drainage and Erosion Experts

Call Jackson’s Nursery for a consultation for your drainage and/or erosion problems. We have renovated many lawns as well as home foundation areas to create the best possible solutions to repair current damage and to prevent future damage from excessive rainfall.

Our Experience

A wet basement or foundation can cause mold and/or insect problems for a home environment. We use a laser to determine positive drainage away from homes or buildings. We have installed French drains, trench drains, and have replaced incorrectly installed foundation drainage systems. We bury downspout drains and can create swales to improve drainage.

Sometimes it’s necessary to add or remove soil to improve drainage. Jackson’s Nursery will then grade, finish grade, and seed the disturbed areas, fully restoring the lawn.

Some properties can benefit from a Rain Garden. A Rain Garden slows the flow of water and also provides water to a landscape garden area at the same time! A goal of a Rain Garden is to return storm water to aquafers, rather than sending it to streams and rivers.

The installation of Permeable Pavers is another solution for storm water runoff. Permeable Pavers can accommodate pedestrians, vehicles, and parking, and will help to return water to aquafers. Permeable Pavers are good for the environment because they can help ease flooding downstream!

Jackson's Nursery Inc – We Do Drainage Right!

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the drainage or erosion problems of your property, and to provide the best possible solutions! Get it done right the first time with the help of Jackson’s Nursery!