Jackson’s Nursery carries a large selection of bark and stone mulches, as well as pine needle mulch, soil enhancers, and playground approved (ASTM) Softscape mulch.

Pros and cons of bark mulches for landscaping beds:
o Helps prevent weeds; will need weeded occasionally
o Helps retain moisture
o Enhances the soil as it rots
o Natural, earthy appearance
o Great for perennial beds
o Needs annual replenishing due to decomposition

Pros and cons of stone mulch with plastic underlayment:
o Prevents most weeds
o Less maintenance than mulch
o Helps retain moisture
o May need slight top-dressing every 5-10 years
o Reduced debris around swimming pools
o Reduced fungal growth
o Some perennials may not thrive in stone mulch
o More expensive initially than bark mulch

Prices are per 5/8 cubic yard scoop. Coverage per scoop is approximately 90-100 Sq. ft.
Prices subject to change without prior notice.


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